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What is Scout Spirit?

The Spirit of Scouting is within each child. The oath and the law are all part of it, but, also pride. Pride in one’s self, den, pack, family, and nation; pride in one’s accomplishments.

The awards are hollow and meaningless unless the scout met their trials with determination and did his/her best to overcome them. The pack and its leadership exist only for the children; to challenge them to bigger challenges and honor them for their accomplishments. 

Scout spirit is not based on how many Scouting events or outings a scout attends, but rather by how those events - those moments - help bring out the best in themselves and others.

Scout spirit applies to how he/she lives and how he/she conducts their daily life - that is, their life both in and out of scouting activities.

You show Scout spirit by being a role model and living by the Scout Oath and Law.

Scouting is for the child and their family. It teaches skills and helps to show him/her the right way. It works to teach adults understanding and compassion.

But most of all Scouting is FUN! 

YIS (Yours in Scouting)

Bill Yeager

Pack 61 Cubmaster

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